Look What You Manifest-oed ;)

Want More Inspiration to Keep Living Your Truth?

I'll Send You Long-a$$, Open-Hearted Emails (with Behind-the-Scenes Photos) about the Beauty and Heartache That IS Living a Soul-Aligned Life...


I'll be in touch as often as I joyously can to give you a glimpse into the trials and celebrations of my life, share some cute kid pics and behind-the-scenes photos, and tell you what I'm creating in the world.

When I'm up to something exciting online, I might write every day. When I'm offline being with the peeps I love and livin' life, it might be every few weeks.

Either way, I hope you'll write back and let me know what's going on in your world, too. (But only if you wanna...no obligation!)

Big Hugs,

What Readers Say...

"I always love your emails. I get emails from others where they talk about their life and I think "Why do I care?" and yet, with you, I never think that. Probably because you aren't doing it because someone said that's how you have to market in emails, but more because that's just who you are (aka: authenticity!) and I can feel that."

--Lisa Wechtenhiser



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