Recognizing 6-, 7- and 8-Figure Entrepreneurs Who Exemplify the F*ck Out of Being Authentic, Transparent + Vulnerable

Because the World Needs More Brilliant People Who are Brave Enough to Share Ourselves Authentically

This Year's Award Winners Are...


founder of Hello Seven!

author of We Should All Be Millionaires



multi-offer online business strategist and founder of The Queer Business Club

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About This Award


10% Tongue-in-Cheek and 100% Percent Inspiring

"Can we really measure authenticity--let alone turn it into a competition of sorts?"

"How can you even decide how 'authentic' someone is without knowing them in person?"

"But won't there be people who try to fake 'being authentic' just to win?"

I'm not sure, but I'm willing to find out!

The "Authentic as Fuuuck" Brilliant Braveheart Awards were created to showcase entrepreneurs who are modeling authenticity, transparency, vulnerability and integrity in their businesses. It's our hope that it will inspire others to give themselves permission to show more of their true colors (even and especially when that includes using colorful language).

We all have shitty days, we all fuck up, we often struggle with the very thing we help others do...that's all 100% okaaaay.

The "Authentic as Fuuuck" Brilliant Braveheart Award is not about perfection, a polished image or pretending to feel or be anything other than you are. It's about having the guts to bravely let yourself be human, and to share your human-ness, through the channel of your business following, with the people who need to hear your message.

Reviews ★★★★★

"Thank you for creating these awards. They give me hope that I can find more colleagues and role models who are honest and real about their life and business instead of pretending to be Insta-perfect."

Previous Award Winners

2022 Awards


founder of The Nap Ministry

author of Rest is Resistance


founder of Joyful Marketing

author of The Fearless Marketing Bible

How Winners are Chosen

Annual Nominations

Nominees are 6-, 7- or 8-figure businesses owners who are, not only inspiring in their business success, but in their approach to bringing their personality, struggles and vulnerability into their business.

Nominee award criteria include factors such as:

  • How Honest and Vulnerably They Share In Emails and Social Media About Their Professional Experience as well as their Personal Lives
  • How Consistently They Show Up Throughout Their Marketing, Working with Clients, At Home With Their Families and With Their Friends (i.e. Does Receiving Money from Clients Change How They Show Up?)
  • How Freely They Express their Hopes, Fears, Worries and Lessons Learned
  • How Much Their Business Focuses on Sharing Their Unique Gifts and Talents in the World
  • How Nominees Allow Their Business and Brand to Evolve According to Their Personal Growth and Divine Inspiration
  • How Openly Nominees Take a Stand on the Controversial Issues they Believe In

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Meet the Founder

Wendy Garrido

Wendy holds degrees in Economics and Psychology from The University of Chicago and is a two-time USA Pickleball Association National Gold Medalist. She is the the co-author of the #1 best-selling book Smart Pickleball which she wrote with her then-husband as they built a six-figure coaching business in the little-known sport of pickleball.

Wendy has always known that the most successful and impactful people in the coming century will be those who are willing to be authentically honest, vulnerable and transparent as they work collaboratively to share their gifts and create a better, more just, kind and loving world.

She has been at the leading edge of industries as diverse as conscious parenting, EFT Tapping, pickleball, polyamory and—of course—authenticity in business.

She founded the Brilliant Braveheart Awards in 2020 to recognize people who are already building an authentic business based on their gifts, passions and values and to help inspire millions more to do the same.

Do You Want to Be Authentic as Fuuuck?

Get the Live Your Truth Manifesto

You'll get instant access to the audio recording AND the PDF ebook.

PLUS, Get Even More Guidance, Inspiration and Support to Put Even More "You" into YOUR Business + Life...

The "Authentic as Fuuuck" Brilliant Braveheart Award is a brainchild of


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