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Is something feeling "off" about your business or marketing?

Maybe it's time to take an honest look at where you are (and aren't!) being as authentic as you could be!

PLUS, get inspired to be more authentic in ways you may not have even considered!


Are You Longing to Be More "Real" with Your Team, Your Clients and/or Your Audience? Do You Wish You Were Attracting People Who Were a Better Fit for YOU and Your Personality?

If You're Tired of Pretending to Be Something You're Not (Quite Anymore)...

Authenticity is the Answer.

More than ever, people today are hungry for real, authentic, heart-centered connection.

We all want people we can relate to... people who inspire us to do great things without insinuating that we have to be something we're not in order to do them.

Fake "authenticity" in marketing is exhausting to create as a business owner, and it will never "land" as profoundly for your soul-aligned peeps as genuine, no-bullshit, this-is-how-my-hair-really-looks-when-I-wake-up realness.

You don't need to "act" more or less put together than you actually are.

You just need to show up as your whole self: with all your strengths and weaknesses, all your genius and your holy-fuck-what-the-hell-did-I-just-do's.

Because the truth is, none of us is perfect. We all have areas of our life we excel at, and others we are challenged by.

We all have aspects of our identities or personalities that are hard to admit.

And if we're committed to self-growth, then we are all constantly discovering new parts of ourselves, evolving into a different person than we were in the past...

And we all need more models of people who are building their businesses in alignment with these truths.


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(A $197 Value!)

Maybe You're a lot like Me...

  • You're a life-long entrepreneur
  • You're brilliant at helping your clients (even if you suffer from some imposter syndrome)...
  • You don't want to admit how many times you've worn the same sweatshirt this week or month...or

for how many days in a row...

  • You swear on the regular
  • People consider you to lead an "alternative lifestyle" (whatever the hell that is supposed to mean...)
  • You consider yourself a spiritual person, but not-so-much a religious one...

Or Maybe You're Not at All like Me...


  • You've been stuck in a business you created (or W-2 job) for longer than you care to reflect on...
  • You're good at what you do and it pays the bills, but you aren't passionate about it and you feel like it only encompasses a portion of who you really are...
  • You WISH you could wear the same sweatshirt whenever you wanted, but you dress up for work every day to "be professional"
  • You "tone down" yourself for your clients, your boss, whomever...
  • Maybe you are (or are not) living an alternative lifestyle in some way, but if you're honest with yourself, something about the hetero-mono-normative-patriarchal mainstream world just doesn't feed you the way it's "supposed to"

JUST $47!

(A $197 Value!)

Authenticity in All Aspects...

This interactive guide will walk you through evaluating your level of authenticity in 9 different aspects of your business to help you Be Yourself, Love Your Work and Trust Your Path.

1. Identity

2. Personality

3. Unity

4. Creativity

5. Agility

7. Divinity

6. Community

8. Humanity

9. Integrity

As you read through the clickable PDF, checking off the checkboxes and tallying up your score, you'll discover ways to be authentic in your business you probably hadn't even thought of, and you'll get a helluva lot of clarity about the ways you want to move toward being even MORE authentic in your business.


"I follow quite a few people but what makes you stand out for me is that I can feel your personality through your website and your emails. I can really feel your authenticity. I like that you're so casual, down-to-earth and realistic. You're not at all pretentious and you don't seem afraid to show yourself. Man, it takes guts to put yourself out there and be so open, especially on topics that can be polarizing for people... I like it and that's what I need to be doing, too.

That's why I think you're the person who can help me develop that for myself. I want to be more authentic."

--Krystina Amos

This assessment is a great way to take stock of where you are today...

  • Where are you loud and proud about who you are and how you show up?
  • Where do you hold back and hide parts of yourself in your business?
  • Why?
  • Where would you LIKE to be more authentic?

Take a Giant Step in the Direction of Being True to Your Authentic Self!

Get the Assessment & Activation Video


This 100% real and casual video will guide you through an EFT Tapping practice to help you let go of the past experiences and current fears that are keeping you from expressing yourself fully.

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JUST $47!

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Plus, You'll Also Get...

Assessment Spreadsheet Tracker

One of my readers created a draft of this spreadsheet to automatically tally your assessment results as well as track your results over time.

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Walk Through Video + My Actual Answers!

In this bonus video I'll walk you through the assessment, explaining each section. I'll also go through and give you my ACTUAL answer to each question at the time of recording so you can find out what MY score on the Authenticity Assessment is!


Transcript of Activation Video + Podcast Version

You'll also get the transcript of the activation video for easy reference as well as a podcast version of all videos to allow you to listen easily on the go!

($30 value)

Get it Today!

The Assessment & Activation Video


This 100% real and casual video will guide you through an EFT Tapping practice to help you let go of the past experiences and current fears that are keeping you from expressing yourself fully.

($97 value!)

JUST $47!

(Over a $197 Value!)

What If I Don't Like It?

If you complete the assessment and follow along with the practices in the activation video and don't feel like it's been helpful to you at all, let me know within 7 days of purchase and I'll refund you.

Please note this refund policy does not cover you simply changing your mind. If you request a refund I'll ask for feedback on how the assessment didn't meet your expectations so I can improve my marketing messaging in the future.


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