Are You Ready for Practical Strategies and Emotional Support to Follow Your Heart, Expand Your Following, Make More Money and Evolve Your Business in the Direction of Your Soul's Work

(Without Burning Out or Selling Out)?


That's what I'm here for.

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • You are a multi-passionate person who has struggled to "niche down" and focus on just one thing, and when business coaches say you "have to," something in you rebels because you know it's not right for you.
  • You are extremely self-growth oriented and are constantly working to heal your past traumas (big or small), to expand your mindset, and evolve into the best version of yourself you can be... but you're a little scared of what it might mean to take that next step and really be true to yourself. You feel a little alone in your situation and want more people in your life who are taking the leaps and being true to themselves.
  • You are sick of trying to compartmentalize your true self from your public self and you are ready to (in your own way and in your own time) take "the risk" and start integrating the two. (I'd argue that it's equally, if not more risky to KEEP compartmentalizing, but I know it might not feel like that right now!)
  • You're passionate about helping people and sharing your gifts with the world, you just want to find a way to do it without burning yourself out again.
  • You know how easy and amazing it feels like to create when you are tapped in, tuned in, turned on and you really wish you could ALWAYS work that way, but you just don't see a practical way to do that.

If any of these are resonating with you and you're like "Dayuum...How'd she know?!" then keep reading, my dear—You're in the right place.

If You're Like Many of the People I Work With, Either....

1) You have a business that's humming along alright, but it isn't exactly lined up with what you truly want to be doing deep in your heart. Whether it's the clients your working with, the

format you work with them in, or something else, it just isn't

quite your dream business, even though you feel pretty damn

grateful (when you stop and think about it) to have gotten this far.


2) You dream of having a financially- and emotionally-

sustainable business where you can show up authentically

and be of service, but you just haven't managed to figure out

exactly how to get it off the ground! You WANT to help people and have taken some courses online, but you still can't quite figure out how to know which strategy is right for you let alone being able to implement it all in the right order.

If You Want to Build a Divinely-Guided, Soul-Aligned Business + Life, It's Time to Stop Hiding Your Authentic Self and Start Trusting Your Gut

And It's About More than Just Your Business...

While your business could be one source of meaning, purpose and self growth for you—if you're honest, you know that there are some other things about your life that don't feel 100% in alignment with who you truly are. Maybe you haven't quite figured out exactly what's not working or maybe you DO know exactly what it is, but you're kind of afraid to admit it to yourself. (Congrats on being here if that's the case.)

You are ready to evolve into the next greatest version of yourself... only you aren't exactly sure where to start...or what to say..or how to do it...or what's going to happen if you do. (None of us really know the answer to that last one...)

You wish someone would just take you by the hand and guide you through the parts that have been done before and that you had a way you could just ask questions when you need to. You know that some of this is your unique journey that no one else can tell you the right answers to, but you sure wish you had some support and companionship along the way. You want to be inspired by REAL people who are showing up authentically in their lives, as best they can, every single day.


Get Souled™! is a Long-Term Coaching & Mentorship Program to Help You Implement Practical, Authentic Marketing Strategies to Share Your Soul’s Work

This program will help guide you into your ever-evolving, soul-aligned brand platform while supporting and inspiring you to step into your deepest, truest identity in all aspects of your life.

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If I determine we're a good match, you'll also be invited to sign up for the Get Souled! Group Coaching Program (a 5-figure investment with lots of 1-on-1 time with me) and/or the self-study program (a more accessible "3-figure" investment. )

The Soul-Aligned Business Model

1. How Your Personal Growth Changes the World

2. How to Build Your Business Without Burning Out

3. A Fuller, Truer Measure of Business Success

4. How to Get Un-Stuck & Move in the Direction of Your Soul’s Calling

Plus, I'll give you more details about the Get Souled™! program.

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