Let's Carve Out Time Together for Deep-Dive, High-Touch, Hands-On Strategy, Consulting, Attunement & Implementation—4 Times a Year!

Hey there, my dear...

I've invited you to this program because you're someone I enjoy working with and because I'm excited to continue supporting the evolution and expansion of your work in the world. 🤗

If you're reading this page, it's because you've already had a taste of who I am and what I have to offer, but my sense is that we are not working together as often as would truly be beneficial to you & your business.

'Cuz We Make Magic Together...

You know how powerful it is when we work together...

  • We come up with answers to questions you were stuck on...
  • You get more connected to your deeper truth...
  • I ask you questions that expand and define your vision...
  • We get a TON of stuff busted out--quickly!
  • We come up with new solutions to help you take the next step in the direction of your soul's calling...

And of course, we're there for each other to work through all the feels, but mostly, we have fun, don't we?

But We Don't Do it as Often as We Could...

The thing is, we haven't been very consistent about working together...

We've both had a lot going on in recent years...

But I'm finally at the point where I feel like things are coming together and I actually CAN make plans more than 2 weeks or 2 months in advance...

And when I tune in to what feels like the most nourishing, rewarding and meaningful way for me to do my work in the world...

I come back to the vision I've had for years:

(You've probably even heard me say it before...)

Besides creating video courses and trainings, I've always imagined meeting with client-friends on a quarterly basis to help them assess the progress they've made, attune to their inner desires and strategize and implement next steps.

There's something powerful about this seasonal rhythm...

It's infrequent enough that we can get some perspective on the progress you've made between sessions, but it's frequent enough that we can adapt and help you pivot to evolve your brand, business and offerings to stay in alignment with who you are becoming.

What We'll Do Together... (Season after Season)

Support You:

  • Emotionally
  • Strategically
  • Logistically

Evolve Your:

  • Branding
  • Copy
  • Offers
  • Pricing
  • Marketing

Assess Your:

  • Progress
  • Opportunities
  • Challenges
  • Assets

Attune to Your:

  • Aliveness
  • Inspiration
  • Intuition

This is a Very Exclusive Offer...

I'm not putting this offer out to the general public or my email list.

I'm starting with the people I've known the longest, am most close to, and/or have worked with most recently. And of those people, only the ones that I REALLY love and enjoy working with, who I feel like have truly made the most of the time and energy I've already invested in your business. 🤗

Please Confirm Your Interest...

You can cancel at any time, but my hope is that we will work together in this capacity for about 3 years.

With such a long-term commitment, I am only carving out space for a maximum of about 10-12 people, but probably more like a handful or so for the first few months.

I am reaching out to 2-3 people at a time to offer space in order of priority before my schedule fills up.

If you're interested, please shoot me a text to let me know or ask any further questions, or go right ahead and register using the button below.

I want to save space in my calendar to work with you, so please confirm with me ASAP!

So Many Marketing People Just Don't Get It...

  • Their eyes will glaze over if what you do is too techy...
  • They'll look at you like you're crazy if you tell them you believe in divine guidance...
  • They lack the emotional intelligence and/or communication skills to have a nuanced understanding of what you're talking about...
  • They don't share a passion for the work you're doing, so they can't relate...
  • They don't have kids or health issues and don't understand why saying "my kid's sick" or "I'm feeling fatiged" usually means you aren't going to get ANY work done today...
  • They lack the vision to see what you want to create so it's hard for them to help you figure out the steps to get there... You ask them for a website, they ask you for the copy. You ask for graphics, they ask you what graphics you want #IfYouKnewThatYouWouldn'tNeedThem!
  • They can see the vision but don't have the patience to pay attention to the details that matter to you...

Well, let's consider that problem solved, okay?

You've come to the right place.

Not only do I welcome you here in all your fullness, I resonate with you.

I can meet and match you!

What We Have in Common...

  • Geeky
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Passion & Enthusiasm
  • Communication Skills
  • Spiritual
  • Believe in Divine Guidance
  • Multi-Passionate
  • Big-Picture Vision
  • Attention to Detail

We're in it Together...

Remember how, when you work with me, you don't feel lonely...?

You have fun!

You feel connected.

You feel seen.



Cared for.

And supported.

...Emotionally AND logistically.

You know what I stand for, personally and in the world.

You know how I invite you to show up, in your personal life and in your business, right?

This is your invitation to make the commitment to yourself to weave more self-care, authenticity and aliveness into your business!

WHILE we get a lot done! 🙃

If you're ready to have more "Wendy energy" in your life AND have my brain on your business in a more regular, consistent way, I would be honored to have you join me for my Seasonal Evolution Solution...

Who I Work With

Soulful, 7-Figure Entrepreneurs

You're a pro at what you do. You've got a team supporting you. You just need someone who can ask the right questions to help you flesh out your vision, find gaps in your assumptions and make sure that what you're creating is truly in alignment with the life you want to live.

Established-yet-Evolving Coaches, Trainers & Therapists

You've built a business serving people you love, doing work that you love but now you know it's time for the next step. You need someone who can help you leverage your skills and experience in a way that can help you earn more money without working so damn hard.

Divinely-Guided, Aspiring Entrepreneurs

You've never done it before, but you're determined to build a business doing what you love. You have a powerful message that the world needs to hear and you want guidance and support to help you figure out what steps to take (in which order) to get from where you are to where you want to be.

What Clients Say...


the Plan

2-3 Co-Working Days per Session

We'll work together for 2-3 days at a time, depending on our schedules. We can plan as far in advance as you need, but we can also go with the flow and adjust as needed.

3-4 Sessions per Year

We'll plan to meet approximately every quarter, but we can adapt to accommodate your schedule, so sometimes it might be a little more or less frequent.

Communication that Flows

It will be a combination of zoom calls/screen shares, phone calls, audio messages and text message as needed and as makes sense for where we are in the project, our availability and our energy levels.

2-5 Hour Working Days

We'll work together 2-5 hours at a time, as needed to make progress on your goals.

What Client-Friends Say...

I've worked with several top coaches in exclusive coaching programs.

What sets Wendy apart from just about every other coach or consultant I've worked with is her brain and her emotional intelligence.

For over a decade now, I come back to hire Wendy because she makes every great idea even better."

-- Lethia Owens

What We Can Work On...

We'll do as much as we reasonably can in our time together...

Upgrade Your Branding, Content, and/or Offerings

Strategize Ways to Improve Your Quality of Life

Plan/Map Out Your Goals and Next Steps

*Want to work on something else? Use the red heart at the bottom right of the screen to ask me about it!

Client-Friend Spotlight

"I didn’t know it was possible to do this much in this time frame!

I didn’t think we were going to make it through this list, I thought there was no way. It seemed so insurmountable, but it wasn't!

The work we got done on the first day alone would have been worth the cost of the entire two-week program!"

-- Krystina Amos

This Re-Brand and Website Redesign is Just a Fraction of What We Got Done Together



The Work We'll do...

As always, depending on your needs, we'll do some or all of the following...


What do you want to create? What's it going to include? What's it going to be called? How are you going to offer it? How much should you charge for it? What format are you going to use? Which software should you use?

I can help you think through it all.

Content, Course or Curriculum Planning

What do you want to include and what should you leave out? In what order should you present things? How can you organize it so it makes sense and is easy to follow?

I can help you plan it all out.


Who exactly are you writing to? What should you say and where should you say it? How can you say it in a way that is clear, authentic, compelling AND effective?

I can help you write it.

Graphic Design

What graphics do you need for your project? What's the branding going to look like and feel like? What colors and styles do you want to use? How can you create them quickly and easily?

I can help you do the branding & design the graphics.

Website Editing

Which platform should you use? How do you create it in the platform you've already got?

Why can't you get rid of that white space between those two objects? How do you link it to your newsletter?

I can help you plan it all out.

Funnel Planning

What are you selling? What are you giving away for free? What are you upselling into? What's your tripwire going to be? What should your emails promote?

I can help you outline it all.

And We'll Work through the Feelings, too

Of course, this isn't just about getting sh*t done, there are plenty of feelings to navigate throughout the process as well. In fact, often it's our feelings that are KEEPING us from getting it done.

That's why you can count on me to draw on all these tools as we need them to help us along as well:

Nonviolent Communication (NVC)

This is woven in to every interaction we have. I'll reflect back what I'm hearing about how you feel and it usually helps you feel understood in a way that lets you drop down into your deeper feelings.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Tapping

This is my go-to when you're feeling stuck/blocked about working on something, or when you're having a hard time getting over a past experience. It's kind of like magic.

Intuitive Questions

I'm going to ask you a lot of questions. Every question I ask gives me clarity and insight into your desires, motivations, needs and challenges, even or especially when the answer is "I'm not sure..."

Emotional Attunement

I'm watching you, my dear. If we come back from a lunch break and I feel a shift in your energy, I'm gonna ask what happened. I am constantly tracking your energy, engagement and emotions to glean insight.

Brave Honesty

If I think you're BSing yourself, I'm gonna say so. If you're telling me you need help with your business but you are out of integrity in your personal life, I'm gonna call you on it. I'll be kind, I'll be caring, but I'm always gonna call it how I see it.

Tender Tears

If we work together long enough (like an hour?) chances are, one of us is gonna end up in tears (of gratitude at least). That's the beauty of being real and vulnerable with each other. All your feelings are welcome with me, in fact, they're a precious gift.

Let's Keep it Real...

You're perfectly capable of doing SO much on your own...

But why should you?

Why not work with me regularly to accelerate the momentum you've already built?

How much longer will you be putting it off before you even START?

Wouldn't it be nice to just KNOW that you have time carved out to work with me on whatever you need?

Not just every once and a while, or whenver our schedules happen to connect, but on a consistent basis?

My Bio...

Wendy Garrido (she/her) is 2-time National gold medalist in Pickleball, an Amazon #1 best-selling author and creator of the Authentic AF Business Braveheart awards. She identifies as queer, polyamorous and somewhere between a connection queen and a connection whore.

In her signature coaching program, Get Souled!™ she inspires smart, emotionally-intelligent, self-growth-oriented entrepreneurs to evolve your business in directions that feel like fun and freedom. She’s known for her brilliant-but-casual, compassionate and open-hearted, no-BS style.

With Wendy's authentic marketing approaches she'll inspire you to bring more of your true self to your business and build a business you love based upon your personality, skills and life experiences.

How Much Does it Cost...?

Well, this isn't your average price point...

It's a sliding scale.

You can choose to pay between $4997-$14,997 per year, with or without a payment plan.

What's the catch?

No catch, please stretch and choose the payment level that feels the most generous for your current situation.

When you are choosing a payment level, you might take into account:

  • How I've contributed to you already
  • Your projected ROI of working with me
  • What income you currently are at in your business
  • Your current assets/net worth
  • How much it means to you to have me by your side
  • How much you can afford to pay-it-forward to help other people get access to me
  • Anything you know (or would like to ask) about my current financial situation
  • How much you've invested elsewhere that may or may not have gotten you the results you hoped for
  • Everything else that feels relevant

So ask yourself those questions, then, when the time comes to register, close your eyes, take a deep breath, tune into your heart and your body and ask yourself:

"What feels good and right and fair and generous for me to contribute to Wendy and her work in the world?"

Then pick the price you want and register.

Why Do I Price it Like This?

My time and energy are valuable no matter who I am investing in, how much they pay me or what the ROI (return on investment) is of working.

As you probably know, I've always had gut-based payment arrangements with my client-friends and it has worked out very well for me.

The way I look at it is:

#1) I Trust My Gut

I trust that if you're here in front of me, feeling called to work with me, it's a divine right match for us. If my gut says "yes" to working with you and yours does, too, then I know that there are powerful gifts and lessons to come out of our work together.

#2) ...To Guide Me Toward Mutually-Invested Relationships

I give generously and abundantly to my clients and friends. I share the time, resources, skills and assets I have available to me, and I know that you'll do the same. Sometimes those resources will be financial, sometimes they'll be in the form of referrals, support, or just a compassionate ear.

#3) ...Because I Am Building Long-Term Community

I work with my clients year after year, some for over a decade. My goal right now is not to work with as many people as possible, it's to build an interconnected web with other like-minded folks.

#4) ...And I Know That When We Are Committed to Caring for Each Other AND Ourselves, We'll Both Know When the Energy Exchange is Uneven

I'm working on a better analogy, but let's say you have a bucket and I have a bucket.

If I am pouring water into your bucket, and you're only looking at your own bucket, you'll think it's GREAT!! You'll have WAY more water than you did before.

How much water do *I* have?

Traditional capitalistic models would say it's not your problem, not your concern, you should jsut take what you can get, right?

In fact, you'll have no way of knowing when I need more water if you never actually look in my bucket.

But if we are BOTH tracking how much water we EACH have in our buckets, we can make sure that we BOTH always have water when we need it. When I get low, you can give some back, when I have more, I can give some to you.

In this analogy, our water is our skills, resources, time, energy, money and experience.

We'll share generously, communicate openly & honestly, and support each other however we can.

If this resonates with you, I would love to work together...

What's NOT Included?

As you know...

this stuff is just not in my wheelhouse...

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

I can point you to some resources but this is NOT my specialty. If SEO is critical to your business, hire someone else who will do it right.

Social Media

I can help you think of ideas to post, or help you design a template for your graphics, but I run a social-media-free business so I'm not up to date on the latest trends.


I'll do my best but I can't guarantee that I'll catch every typo.

Please excuse the typos on this page, and then...

Repeat after me: Done is better than perfect.

Client-Friend Quote

"Wendy reads people exceptionally well. I’ve made more progress in my business in the short time I’ve worked with her than in the prior 10 years."

-- Cheryl Brunette


Address: PO Box 2617

Nevada City, CA 95959

Email: wendy@wendygarrido.com

Phone: 773.615.1382