I Don't Do Polite. I Do REAL.

I Do Kind, Loving, No-Bullsh*t, Straight-from-the-Heart Honesty & Vulnerability

...In a way that's prolly gonna make you kinda fall in love with me. #sorrynotsorry

(Because that's what happens when we share from our heart & soul...)

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Want to Get Long-a$$ Emails from Me About the Beauty and the Heartache That IS Living a Soul-Aligned Life?

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Your business is meant to be pleasurable.

If it's not, there's something off. Let's figure out how to make it better.

The work you do is supposed to light you up and fill you up.

If it's not, there's something better out there for you. Let's start looking for it.

You should love and adore your clients.

If you don't, there are better ones. Let's start calling them in.

Your marketing should be in perfect alignment with who you are.

If it's not, it can be more authentic. Let's see where you can be more "you".

You can be yourself (your FULL self) in every aspect of your business.

If you're not, you're going to feel held back. Let's figure out what's holding you back from being honest, vulnerable and straight-up.

Let’s Turn the Business You Have into the One Your Heart Desires…

Evolving your business (or life) into something that makes your heart sing isn’t rocket science.

But it IS a paradigm shift.

It starts with honesty. And self-care. And trusting your intuition.

It also requires some creativity and problem solving to find practical strategies to get from where you are to where you want to be.

The path is different for everyone and nobody can GIVE you the solutions.

But we can work together to help you FIND and CREATE them for yourself.

My Story

After a decade of trial-and-near-failure as an entrepreneur, I finally built a thriving 6-figure business with my wonderful husband around our strengths and passions. We had two beautiful kids, co-authored an Amazon.com #1 best-selling book, were doing $20k webinars and had a team of people working for us in the business and around the house to make life easier.

Only, it turns out:

Money, acclaim, hired help, and even having a thriving business doing work you love are NOT necessarily keys to happiness and well-being.

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Business in the New Paradigm

If you’re sick of the hustle/grind/“boss lady” approach, it’s time to get cozy and comfortable doing Business in the New Paradigm.

This is about flow, ease, alignment, inspiration and building a business that evolves WITH you, based on creating offerings that are financially AND emotionally/spiritually sustainable! This FREE training is available as a video OR private podcast will give you the groundbreaking basics.

How Would it Feel to Get This Kind of Support…?

I Can Depend on Wendy to Consistently Question Whether My Latest Business Focus is the Easiest, Most Nourishing Way to Meet the Goals I’ve Set for Myself…

"I've worked with several top coaches in exclusive coaching programs. What sets Wendy apart from just about every other coach or consultant I've worked with is how attuned she is to finding ways to grow your business without sacrificing your self-care. I've spent a life time pushing myself hard to get the job done, but I can depend on Wendy to consistently question whether my latest business focus is the easiest, most nourishing way to achieve the goals that I've set out for myself. She will invariably help me find a more elegant solution."

Lethia Owens

Personal Branding Expert//NSA Certified Speaking Professional

I Got Off the Phone Feeling More Excited About My Business Than I Had in the Previous Five Years…

"I went into massage twenty years ago because I loved the work, but eventually it turned into a grind. When I reconnected with Wendy most recently, I got off the phone feeling more excited about my business than I had in the previous five years!

It's always a privilege to have her focus her brain on me and my business. I’ve never met anyone as creative as she is—it’s amazing how she can come up with so many great ideas so quickly. Thanks to her, I offered (and sold!) my first high-end intensive. I feel more confident than ever.

Every time we talk, her positive, high-power energy rubs off on me and I take it back into my business and my day. You can’t afford NOT to give Wendy a brief synapsis of your business and just hear her perspective. She can take your business (and life) to a whole new level."

Sheri Lynn Bussey

Pain Relief Specialist


7 Strategies to Love Your 6 Figure Business Again

Want Me to Send You Long-a$$ Emails about the Beauty and the Heartache That IS Living a Soul-Aligned Life?

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I'll be in touch as often as I joyously can to give you a glimpse into the trials and celebrations of my life, share some cute kid pics and behind-the-scenes photos, and tell you what I'm creating in the world.

When I'm up to something exciting online, I might write every day. When I'm offline being with the peeps I love and livin' life, it might be every few weeks.

Either way, I hope you'll write back and let me know what's going on in your world, too. (But only if you wanna...)

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