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Does This Sound Familiar...?

You Put Your Heart In It...

You love serving your clients. Working with them lights you up, energizes your body and feeds your soul. You value honesty, transparency, authenticity, aliveness and integrity, and your clients can feel it.

You're Getting Paid Well...

You love what you do so much, you used to do it for free, but now you've finally figured out how to make some money in your business, so that takes some of the pressure off, but now you want to focus on how to scale your business and impact. 

You Have Tons of Content...

Courses, freebies, programs, workshops, maybe you're even publishing a book...You've developed a strong body of work, you're just not sure how to strategically fit it all together to build your business online. 

You've Got All the Pieces, Just Not in All the Right Places...

You're *damn* good at what you do... 

You've built a decent following of people... 

Your clients rave about their results from working with you... 

Maybe you even have people who want you to do a "train the trainer"... 

But you just don't feel like you're making use of the internet and the following you've built in the way you could be (or are telling yourself you "should" be). You see other people being more successful online, and you're just not sure what they are doing that you are not. 

Maybe you've done some webinars and your content is great, they just didn't make you much money, and you're not sure what to do differently. 

You've got a few people to help you with websites and email setup, it's just that they're looking to you for direction and everytime you try to figure out a plan for how your offerings should fit together, your brain goes a little fuzzy, you zone out and get overwhelmed running in circles. 

And When It Comes to Marketing, You're Feeling Kinda Stuck...

Your Marketing Doesn't Match Your Expertise

You're considered an expert at what you do, but your online marketing doesn't position you as an expert in the way that you wish it could. 

You're a Pretty Good Writer, You're Just Not so Sure About Marketing 

You've been consistent in sending out a newsletter, you mostly write your own website content, you just aren't sure what exactly you should do differently to actually get more sales and build your online presence. 

You're Tired of Marketing Experts Who Don't "Get" You

They don't actually understand the level of emotional depth or consciousness that you work at with your clients. You feel like they'd need to participate in your courses before they could have a hope at helping you sell them. 


My Story of My "Runaway" Business

After a decade of trial-and-failure as an entrepreneur, I finally built a thriving 6-figure business with my wonderful husband around our strengths and passions. We had two beautiful kids, had co-authored an #1 best-selling book, were doing $20k webinars, had a team of people working for us and help around the house to make life easier.

Only, it turns out: 

Money, acclaim, hired help, and even having a thriving business doing work you love are NOT actually keys to happiness and well-being. (From Anthony Bourdain to Robin Williams, the examples are endless of people who "made it" and are miserable.)

I remember lying in our gorgeous condo in Hawaii feeling exhausted, and depleted. It was when I was on the boat heading out to swim with wild dolphins (a life-long dream) that I said to myself, "Something is wrong, I should be WAY more excited about this than I am."

I didn't realize it then, but my my health, my relationship and most important of all, my connection to myself, were all in critical condition

It took some brave, vulnerable, scary, (expensive!) and hard decisions...

But slowly, one day at a time, one decision at a time, I managed to steer the oceanliner of my life in a different direction. Now, I am at a place where I feel happier, healthier, more alive, and less stressed than ever before.  

I have rebuilt my business this time around without compromising on my health or wellbeing.

I am bringing together my sharp marketing mind, my compasionate heart and my emotional intelligence to help conscious-minded individuals develop practical strategies to build a sustainable business that they love

Is now the time for us to work together? 

Listen to your gut. Ask for guidance. Notice the sense of relief you might be feeling in your body just reading these words right now. 

You might already know whether I'm the right person for you to work with. 

If the answer's yes or maybe. Let's talk. 


Who I Work With...

My client-friends are:

  • Highly Intelligent + Emotionally Aware  
  • Speakers, Authors, Coaches, Consultants + Experts
  • 6- and 7- Figure Business Owners
  • Game-Changers in Their Niche/Industry
  • Fulfilling Their Unique Mission on this Planet 
  • Focused on Self-Growth & Spirituality
  • Committed to Authenticity, Transparency, Vulnerability + Integrity
  • Ready to Take Action + Make Changes
  • See the Value in Getting Expert Advice Instead of Using Trial + Error
  • Hungry for Reflection, Feedback & Coaching

What My Client-Friends Say...


"I've worked with several top coaches in exclusive coaching programs. What sets Wendy apart from just about every other coach or consultant I've worked with is how attuned she is to finding ways to grow your business without sacrificing your self-care. I've spent a life time pushing myself hard to get the job done, but I can depend on Wendy to consistently question whether my latest business focus is the easiest, most nourishing way to achieve the goals that I've set out for myself. She will invariably help me find a more elegant solution."

Lethia Owens Personal Branding Expert NSA Certified Speaking Professional 

"I went into massage twenty years ago because I loved the work, but eventually it turned into a grind.

When I reconnected with Wendy most recently, I got off the phone feeling more excited about my business than I had in the previous five years!  

It's always a privilege to have her focus her brain on me and my business. I’ve never met anyone as creative as she is—it’s amazing how she can come up with so many great ideas so quickly.  

Thanks to her, I offered (and sold!) my first high-end intensive. Now that she has completely up-leveled my brand (in almost no time at all), I feel more confident than ever.  

Every time we talk, her positive, high-power energy rubs off on me and I take it back into my business and my day.  

You can’t afford NOT to give Wendy a brief synapsis of your business and just hear her perspective. She can take your business (and life) to a whole new level."

Sheri Lynn Bussey Pain Relief Specialist

"Working with Wendy was a total game-changer for me. 

When I met her, I was doing incredible work on a small scale in a little corner of the universe. I was overwhelmed by how to reach more people. 

Wendy was a genius at helping me focus on just one small step at a time to grow the impact of my work. There were a million things I could have wasted my time on in the world of branding and marketing, and Wendy knew exactly which ones to point me to. 

She saw where I could go as a reality before I even knew it was possible. I'm super grateful to her for helping me grow my business and my life." 

Amanda Blaine Expert Communication Consultant

What I Bring to the Table...

Mindset Coaching


Brand Development


Marketing Strategy


Funnel Design & Implementation

Graphic Design

What I'll Help You Do...

Do More of What You Love & Less of What You Don't

Develop a new internal compass to navigate your business and life decisions. Orient around questions like: 

  • "How would I LIKE to be spending my time on a daily basis?"
  • "What would be the most FUN thing I could do to serve my clients at the highest level?"​  
  • "What am I most excited to work on NOW?"​  

Generate Smarter Revenue

  • I produced & co-hosted 5 ​webinars ​for Prem Carnot ​that​ ​generate​d​ ​ 1200+ registrations each and between​ $​7,​5​00​-$20,000​ each from an email list of around 5k-10k subscribers.
  • Amanda quadrupled her rates and had her first $7k month, which was her best month ever, without stress.​ 
  • I helped my clients raise their rates and land their first ​VIP clients at: $997 for a half day, $750 for a day​, $1500 for 3 days​, $400 for a half day​, whatever rate they felt was totally justifiable and also a little exciting.  

Keep Growing Your Impact & Your Following 

In Ways You're Actually EXCITED About Doing

  • Prem Carnot's email list grew from 0-15,000 in 4 years without paid advertising. 
  • Amanda grew her email list from 500-2000+ in 12 months without paid advertising. 
  • Cheryl got 1000 new subscribers in 1 month without paid advertising after ​we overhauled her opt-in funnel.

I know you're busy. I'm here to help. 

If you'd rather, you can give me a try right now at (773) 615-1382. Leave me a message if I can't answer.

How to Work with Me...

Souled: The 1-Day Intensive to Ignite More Spirit, Spark + Sales

You'll walk away from this 1-day intensive with a ton of practical tips, advice and clarity about how to move forward in your business. Get my top (easy-to-implement) recommendations for your branding, opt-in gifts, sales page, and copywriting, plus we'll develop the strategy, content, sales pitch and names you need to come up with to most effectively sell your program(s) online.

Build Out Your Opt-In Offer Funnel

Build Out Your Webinar Funnel 

Investment: $997

Booking now for Fall + Winter 2019

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More From My Client-Friends...


"Wendy reads people exceptionally well and she quickly zeroed in on my learning and working styles, and most importantly, my fears. Without her help I never would have had the courage to offer new, higher-value, higher-priced services beyond anything I ever dreamed I could offer.  

I’ve made more progress in my business ​in ​the short time I’ve worked with her than in the ​prior 10 years.

When I started working with Wendy I had nearly 40,000 Youtube followers, but I was barely making $200 a month from my business. Wendy helped me overhaul my 3 outdated websites and develop a single brand that truly reflects who I am. Not only did she bring me into the 21st century, she also helped me land my first VIP client who flew in from across the country to work with me."  

Cheryl Brunette Knitting Teacher

"Wendy is different from any other coach I've ever talked to because she doesn't just tell you what to do, she's right there in it with you. Other coaches said, 'You should try x,' whereas Wendy would say, 'We can totally do x!'  

She won't work with you unless she absolutely believes in you, and if she believes in you, then you really feel like, 'With Wendy's help, I actually CAN do this!'  

I am telling all of my friends to work with Wendy, so if you're on the fence, I'll tell you, too: do it! You can't go wrong with her on your side."  

Rose "Slam!" Johnson Nonprofit Program Manager

"Wendy is one of the few people I know whose internal compass orients around freedom, happiness and joy, rather than accumulating wealth, accolades or social status. 

I am surrounded by people who have reached a high level of success in their fields, but Wendy is different.  

Not only is she my go-to person for marketing strategy and support (because she understands what I'm trying to say better than I can often say it myself). She gets me, and is one of the people I come back to again and again when I need perspective on what I'm going through in life or business." 

Micah Shanser Neurofeedback & Wilderess Therapy Expert 

What's Your Next Step?

Are you pickin' up what I'm putting down? Feeling ready to take the next step (if only you knew what that was)? If you're getting the inner "nudge" that I'm the person for you, let's talk! 


We'll talk about where you are, what you're struggling with, how I might be able to help you, and you'll get off the phone with a clear sense of what your next best step should be.

(773) 615-1382