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If you’re an established coach whose kids are driving you nucking futs, you’re in the right place!

I’ll teach you how to create an easier more rewarding relationship with your child/ren so you can actually ENJOY the freedom-based lifestyle that your business allows you to have…






Yes, Please!

Being a Mom or Dad Who Makes a Living Doing What You Love SHOULD Make for Less Stress, More Fun & More Rewarding Relationships with Your Clients AND Your Kids... But Too Often That's Not The Case...

Welcome! I’m SO glad you’re here! (No…Seriously!)

‘Cuz if you’re reading this page, I’m pretty sure I can help you…

  • Has parenting turned out to be WAAAY harder than you expected?  (OK, that’s a silly question, but we’re just getting to know each other, so I had to ask…)
  • Let me ask you this… Did you feel like you pretty much “had your shit together” with your life & business before you had kids, and then you were blind-sided by how freaking impossible it feels to be as good of a parent as you want to be — while still running your business?
  • Is work your (not-really-secret but definitely semi-guilty) escape from dealing with the screaming, tantrum-ing, chaos of your young children?
  • And do you occasionally wonder how the HELL you can be SOOOO good at what you do in your work, and feel SOOOO incompetent about how to deal with a small child?
  • It can make you start to wonder if you just suck at this whole “parenting thing”… (Or just as bad, it makes you suspect that your perfect, beautiful baby was, at some point, swapped out for these monsters you’re currently living with…)
  • If it gets really bad, you’ll realize that the time and energy you’re putting into issues with your kids is actually affecting your ability to DO business and take care of yourself.. and that’s REALLY not good…

But that’s not the end of the story, my dear.

It’s really just the beginning (or maybe the middle).

Because when you became a parent, you started down a whole new road of personal growth, whether you realized it or not.  And in today’s world, you can’t just compartmentalize your life without paying a price somewhere.  The truth is, whether you realize it or not, your relationship with your kids IS affecting your work.   And even though you already kick ass at what you do, your business will transform to a whole new level once you get clear on how to address the issues you’re having with your kids.

Because feeling happy & confident in business or parenting is really all about the same stuff…

  • It’s about knowing yourself better.
  • It’s about knowing the other better (whether it’s your client or your kid).
  • It’s about communicating more clearly, with honesty & respect.
  • It’s about finding integrity between how you feel and what you say and what you do.
  • It’s about enjoying today, even knowing that there are things you want to be different tomorrow.

And it’s about practical, repeatable, do-able strategies that work.

I teach parents like you how to find + communicate your truth to your kids, and use effective strategies so you get more of what you want, less of what you don’t, and find a little peace along the way…

Sound like something you could use a little help with?

Here’s what to do:

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Yes, Please!

Still making my way through the ebook (and loving it), but just wanted to share that [3 year-old-son] Robbie and I had a HUGE breakthrough today!! It was regarding him taking a nap – I wanted him to, he did not. I had time and patience so coming from a cool, calm, loving place I set up a clear boundary and stuck to my guns….AND……. he actually cooperated perfectly in the end and took a 2 hour nap. Feeling great!! Thank you!!!!!!

Heidi Krolick

Mother of 2

On Her StressLess Pivot-Point Session

I feel so hopeful and excited – and even relaxed about forging ahead with my parenting experience.

The best part about the phone call I had with you, Wendy, is how truly authentic you are as a person.

Clearly you are smart and have a huge amount of knowledge to share – and you did that. But the compassion with which you conducted our session infused my soul. You made me feel like “I can do this! I got this!”

Getting me out of my negative mindset (something that I think is highly fed by the culture of moms in general) that parenting is just hard and you have to deal with it was key. Okay, so yah, it is hard. But there are so many positive solutions to be implemented and experiences to be had.

After spending an afternoon with you on the phone, I feel like instead of just waiting for the bad stuff to pass I have a loving and positive plan for each moment of my life – because let’s face it, each moment I spend is about my kids.

Finally, I would say that the 3 hours was very well facilitated by you. I never felt a lag in the interactions, nor did I feel like any of my time was wasted. Not one minute. I felt taken care of as a person, and felt understood as a parent/mother. The structure you have in place really worked well for me.

And last but not least, calling this a “Pivot Point” session is the PERFECT name for this coaching experience. Because I truly feel that I have made a huge pivot in my self-confidence as a parent and my perception and my compassion toward my children.”

Lauren Kelly

Mother of 2

“What I enjoy most about Wendy is her full sense of presence. She feels so self-connected, so aware of what she needs, and attends to what really matters with so much clarity. She helps me feel more aware of my feelings moment-to-moment, and empowers me to be more in tune with my family, too. The time I spend with her always re-connects me to a wide range of emotions, in a safe and caring context. Never a dull moment!! If you have the possibility to explore with her, go for it!!!”

Genevieve Keller

Mother of 3

“The techniques that Wendy uses really helped me understand how to shift my communication approach so my daughter could REALLY hear me and I could feel heard, as well.

Our communication used to be a round robin of pointless dialogue where we said a lot but never really felt understood. Now we can (usually) communicate in a way that nurtures and supports both of us, without any outside help. We are equipped with the skills to ask for what we need in a way that supports the other person wanting to give it to us, long before things reach a breaking point.”

Lethia Owens

Mother of 2

“I am still processing from our call. I feel both emotionally drained, and revived. It truly was a life-changing call. You helped me shift my perspective in new and profound ways. I’m excited about what all of it will mean from here on out. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate you, and the time you took to put together such a thoughtful follow-up.”

Gina P.

Mother of 2

On Her Experience in the StressLess Coaching Program

“I have a really live/real time update for you! Tonight when my 2.5 year old daughter was brushing her teeth I had a conversation with her about the number of books we would be reading tonight. I told her that I am really tired and that she is going to bed later than normal. I said that I also know we normally read two books, but tonight we are only reading one book. At first she said “No, two books.” But I just repeated what I said again and asked if that sounded like a good idea. She said “Yup!” [mind blown part one!]….But wait, there’s more!
Cut to reading books in her bedroom. I told her to pick out her one book and she did it quickly and without whining about it. We read the book and there was no negotiation. She got it! [mind blown part two!]
So then I tried my luck at the next conversation (about her standing up and whining to us over and over again). When I tried to have this conversation she just started laughing at me uncontrollably. Giggling so I couldn’t even talk. So I just told her “You are hurting my feelings, so maybe we should just talk about this another time.” She said “No! Mommy, talk to me.” [mind blown again].
So, I told her I wanted to try something new tonight and that she can relax in her crib, read her book, play with her stuffed animals and try to sleep [insert being specific here – close your eyes, suck your thumb, rub your head, etc.]. I told her she could do all of these things but that I want her to try NOT standing and whining for me or daddy. I tucked her in, reminded her not to stand, told her I loved her and walked out.
It’s been 30 minutes – and I know we talked about me not torturing myself by looking at the monitor – but I had to see if this was actually working and DUDE. SHE LISTENED TO ME! She played, read, wiggled around and is now on her pillow attempting to put herself to sleep. She has not stood up once – not one time! I’m DYING! Seriously? Wendy. Seriously? [again, mind blown].
She’s not officially asleep yet but I will send you the final score tomorrow. In the meantime, you rock my world. Hard.


Lauren Kelly

Mother of 2






Yes, Please!

Together, We'll Figure Out What's Stressing You & Why You Can't Quite Enjoy The Beautiful Life You've Created for Yourself... So That You Can Have More Time For Your Family, Enjoy Your Kids More (So You Actually WANT That Time) and Keep Your Business Thriving...