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Get 2 3 Days of High-Touch, Hands-On Support from Me to Brainstorm, Strategize, Deal with the Emotions & Develop Offerings, Graphics, Copy, Opt-In Pages and More EVERY SINGLE QUARTER to Keep Your Business (and Life!) Evolving in the Direction of Your Soul's Calling!

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Sliding Scale Pricing

Close your eyes, take a deep breath, tune into your heart and your body and ask yourself:

"What feels good and right and fair and generous for me to contribute to Wendy and her work in the world?"

All plans renew annually until canceled.

For Monthly Plans: At least 3 payments must be completed prior to beginning each session.

"Wendy reads people exceptionally well. I’ve made more progress in my business in the short time I’ve worked with her than in the prior 10 years."

Cheryl Brunette

Youtube Knitting Expert with 66.9K Subscriber


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I'm here for you, my dear! And this is just the beginning! ☺️