I'm Blessed to Love and Be Loved by So Many...

What My Client-Friends Say...


"I've worked with several top coaches in exclusive coaching programs. What sets Wendy apart from just about every other coach or consultant I've worked with is how attuned she is to finding ways to grow your business without sacrificing your self-care. I've spent a life time pushing myself hard to get the job done, but I can depend on Wendy to consistently question whether my latest business focus is the easiest, most nourishing way to achieve the goals that I've set out for myself. She will invariably help me find a more elegant solution."

Lethia Owens Personal Branding Expert NSA Certified Speaking Professional 

"I went into massage twenty years ago because I loved the work, but eventually it turned into a grind.

When I reconnected with Wendy most recently, I got off the phone feeling more excited about my business than I had in the previous five years!  

It's always a privilege to have her focus her brain on me and my business. I’ve never met anyone as creative as she is—it’s amazing how she can come up with so many great ideas so quickly.  

Thanks to her, I offered (and sold!) my first high-end intensive. Now that she has completely up-leveled my brand (in almost no time at all), I feel more confident than ever.  

Every time we talk, her positive, high-power energy rubs off on me and I take it back into my business and my day.  

You can’t afford NOT to give Wendy a brief synapsis of your business and just hear her perspective. She can take your business (and life) to a whole new level."

Sheri Lynn Bussey Pain Relief Specialist

"Working with Wendy was a total game-changer for me. 

When I met her, I was doing incredible work on a small scale in a little corner of the universe. I was overwhelmed by how to reach more people. 

Wendy was a genius at helping me focus on just one small step at a time to grow the impact of my work. There were a million things I could have wasted my time on in the world of branding and marketing, and Wendy knew exactly which ones to point me to. 

She saw where I could go as a reality before I even knew it was possible. I'm super grateful to her for helping me grow my business and my life." 

Amanda Blaine Expert Communication Consultant

What It's Like to Work with Me

Hear it directly from my client-friends...

Mukti Mia Jarvis Relationship Coach Founder of Everyday Love 

Micah Shanser | Owner/Founder
Amazing Brains Neurofeedback Clinic + Restorative Adventures  

Maureen Wielansky Emotional Eating Coach & Founder Cooking Healthy Academy (formerly Making It All Fit) 

Deb Wahl Co-Owner Oak Creek Vineyards + Winery 

Patti Teel | Hub for Podcasting
People, The Washington Post + Good Housekeeping

Beth Amine Creativity + Movement Coach Author of Joyous Everyday Living  

"Wendy reads people exceptionally well and she quickly zeroed in on my learning and working styles, and most importantly, my fears. Without her help I never would have had the courage to offer new, higher-value, higher-priced services beyond anything I ever dreamed I could offer.  

I’ve made more progress in my business ​in ​the short time I’ve worked with her than in the ​prior 10 years.

When I started working with Wendy I had nearly 40,000 Youtube followers, but I was barely making $200 a month from my business. Wendy helped me overhaul my 3 outdated websites and develop a single brand that truly reflects who I am. Not only did she bring me into the 21st century, she also helped me land my first VIP client who flew in from across the country to work with me."  

Cheryl Brunette Knitting Teacher

"Wendy is different from any other coach I've ever talked to because she doesn't just tell you what to do, she's right there in it with you. Other coaches said, 'You should try x,' whereas Wendy would say, 'We can totally do x!'  

She won't work with you unless she absolutely believes in you, and if she believes in you, then you really feel like, 'With Wendy's help, I actually CAN do this!'  

I am telling all of my friends to work with Wendy, so if you're on the fence, I'll tell you, too: do it! You can't go wrong with her on your side."  

Rose "Slam!" Johnson Nonprofit Program Manager

"Wendy is one of the few people I know whose internal compass orients around freedom, happiness and joy, rather than accumulating wealth, accolades or social status. 

I am surrounded by people who have reached a high level of success in their fields, but Wendy is different.  

Not only is she my go-to person for marketing strategy and support (because she understands what I'm trying to say better than I can often say it myself). She gets me, and is one of the people I come back to again and again when I need perspective on what I'm going through in life or business." 

Micah Shanser Neurofeedback & Wilderess Therapy Expert 

Want Me to Check In with You Every So Often?

I'll be in touch as often as I joyously can to give you a glimpse into my life, share some cute kid pics and tell you what I'm creating in the world.

When I'm up to something exciting online, I might write every day. When I'm offline being with the peeps I love and livin' life, it might be every few weeks.

Either way, I hope you'll write back and let me know what's going on in your world, too.