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“More Freedom, Fun + Authenticity” 1/2-Day & Full-Day VIP Intensives

During your VIP Intensive, we will dive deep into the challenges you’re facing being a parent, being an entrpreneur, or in our full-day session– BOTH!  You’ll come out feeling relieved, re-inspired and better equipped with practical strategies. PLUS, you’ll also get 30 days of follow-up support to address any speed bumps you may hit as you move into a new mode of being.

3 Hours of Parenting Coaching

  • Segment 1: Calm Down – Get dramatic emotional relief from the chronic anger, irritation, anxiety or frustration that builds up as a parent
  • Segment 2: Study Up – Learn the basics of the parenting philosophy that will help you (finally!) find a way to take better care of yourself while taking care of your child
  • Segment 3 – Apply: Get customized strategies to address the current, real-life challenges with your child/ren

3 Hours of Business Consulting

  • Segment 1: Break Through The Blocks – Clear & release the emotional baggage that is keeping you from taking the next step in your business
  • Segment 2: Profitability Pivot Point  – Find out what’s costing you profits and identify strategies to make your product, event or campaign more effective & profitable
  • Segment 3:  Master Your Message  – Identify/clarify your target client, review/develop relevant content for your sales funnel

 1 Follow-Up Phone Call

30 Days of Email Support


1/2-Day VIP Intensive Pay in Full: $1500

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Full-Day VIP Intensive Pay in Full: $2500

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“I feel so hopeful and excited – and even relaxed about forging ahead with my parenting experience. The best part about the phone call I had with you, Wendy, is how truly authentic you are as a person. Clearly you are smart and have a huge amount of knowledge to share – and you did that. But the compassion with which you conducted our session infused my soul. You made me feel like “I can do this! I got this!”

Getting me out of my negative mindset (something that I think is highly fed by the culture of moms in general) that parenting is just hard and you have to deal with it was key. Okay, so yah, it is hard. But there are so many positive solutions to be implemented and experiences to be had.

After spending [this time] with you on the phone, I feel like instead of just waiting for the bad stuff to pass I have a loving and positive plan for each moment of my life – because let’s face it, each moment I spend is about my kids.

Finally, I would say that [our time] was very well facilitated by you. I never felt a lag in the interactions, nor did I feel like any of my time was wasted. Not one minute. I felt taken care of as a person, and felt understood as a parent/mother. The structure you have in place really worked well for me.

… I truly feel that I have made a huge pivot in my self-confidence as a parent and my perception and my compassion toward my children.”

— Lauren Kelly, mother of 2

“What I enjoy most about Wendy is her full sense of presence. She feels so self-connected, so aware of what she needs, and attends to what really matters with so much clarity. She helps me feel more aware of my feelings moment-to-moment, and empowers me to be more in tune with my family, too. The time I spend with her always re-connects me to a wide range of emotions, in a safe and caring context…If you have the possibility to explore with her, go for it!!!”
— Genevieve Keller, mother of 3

“The techniques that Wendy uses really helped me understand how to shift my communication approach so my daughter could REALLY hear me and I could feel heard, as well.

Our communication used to be a round robin of pointless dialogue where we said a lot but never really felt understood. Now we can (usually) communicate in a way that nurtures and supports both of us, without any outside help. We are equipped with the skills to ask for what we need in a way that supports the other person wanting to give it to us, long before things reach a breaking point.”
— Lethia Owens, mother of 2

“As a mom of a 3 year old boy and a newborn baby girl, I was constantly worn out and my patience was worn thin. My husband and I had grown very tired of my son not listening and constantly acting out. Then I found Wendy.

My work with Wendy has given us a powerful set of tools to transform our relationship with our son. Thanks to the tools Wendy has given me, my little guy is more responsive, we communicate with each other more clearly and meaningfully, and I am a happier mom!!

Of course, he is three, so he doesn’t always listen to us, but when that’s the case, Wendy provides straightforward boundary-setting techniques that work. The BEST part is that the tools and techniques Wendy offers are easy to follow and can be implemented right away.

Thank you, Wendy, for the difference you have made for me and my family!!”

— Heidi Krolick, Mother of 2